Be Not Afraid

I reacquainted myself today, with the hymns I grew up with in the Catholic Church. There is something to be said for going back to your roots. It’s nostalgic, yes, but it is also grounding. They are comforting, they hold meaning that they’ve never held before now that I’m older.

There is one particular song I find myself singing from time to time. I don’t know why, but it has been ingrained into my memory and flows from my tongue at the most appropriate times during my life.



You shall cross the barren desert, but you will not die of thirst.

You shall wander far in safety, though you do not know the way.

You shall speak your words in foreign lands, and all will understand.

You shall see the face of God and live.

Be not afraid,

I go before you always.

Come follow me,

And I will give you rest.

If you pass through raging waters in the sea, you shall not drown.

If you walk amid the burning flames, you shall not be harmed.

If you stand before the power of hell and death is at your side.

Know that I am with you through it all.

Blessed are your poor, for the kingdom shall be theirs.

Blessed are you that weep and mourn, for one day you shall laugh.

And if wicked men insult and hate you all because of me,

Blessed, blessed are you.

I do remember the refrain going something like this though,

Be not afraid,

I will be with you always.

Come follow me,

And I will bring you home.

The times when I begin singing these words are usually challenging ones, the journey is not easy. To me, it is a message that He holds my strength, I am not bearing the burden alone.

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