Microbiology Proves the Existence of God

Christ physically lives within us… literally.

I never understood that concept, I thought it was a spiritual existence if we choose to follow him.

But no. He’s physically within us.


I’m big on science and thoroughly believe that it corroborates the Bible. And each time I learn something new, like this, I am again reassured of that.

Ever heard of the protein Laminin? Neither have I. But it’s the protein that holds everything within us together. Yes, physically together, like our organs, our bones and our skin. All of it.

Guess what Laminin looks like on the molecular level?.. Watch this short, mind-blowing video, to find out for yourself.

YouTube – Louie Giglio Talks About Laminin


A short note to my questioning, agnostic, and atheist friends: this has been a huge turning point for my faith. It’s a simple protein that that exists for certain, that symbolizes the existence of God perfectly. From our knowledge of Jesus Christ (who we also know truly existed) and the stories from the Bible, the Laminin protein has given me more confidence that my efforts to find more faith are not in vain!

– MB



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