HALSEY: Deserve To Be Loved

Fame is just a bi-product of top-notch artistry. Their discovery is simply a miracle in itself, oftentimes, by accident and not in any attempt to be an entertainer.

Halsey is one of these very, very few elite, proven to me at her recent show as part of the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 3.59.30 PM.png

It is not Halsey’s stellar vocals or performance skills that make her special – it is  her genuine character, her relatable and meaningful lyrics, her humbleness. It is life-changing for fans.

You can tell that she’s making music for herself, it is therapeutic, it allows her history and feelings to be shouted out, or sometimes whispered.

The crowd was full of people who would seem out of place anywhere else, some would call them outcasts. Hair dyed blue and green and all the colors of the rainbow, individuals of the LGBTQ community, weed smokers, mental health sufferers, one kid was wearing a unicorn onesie! This is important.

When Halsey sings, these “outcasts” feel heard and understood, her song becomes their song, the soundtrack of her life becomes the soundtrack of theirs. Halsey’s music makes them feel loved, IT MAKES THEM FEEL THEY DESERVE TO BE LOVED. Perhaps her song ‘Bad At Love’ has an even bigger point – they are not outcasts here, they can feel comfortable and safe from judgement.

She is the Bob Dylan, the John Lennon, of the millennial generation. But even if you are not one of these outcasts, if we can even call them that, everybody can relate to her words and her attitude.

Halsey knows this, but her ego is not inflated. Though she’s onstage, she is not unreachable. She becomes one of us, a fan in the audience, an understanding friend, someone who has been in our shoes before.

This show was so incredibly good. And for the first time, I don’t know how to end a post so I’ll finish off with this piece of wisdom:

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 3.58.11 PM


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