The Bandwagon

I’ve never been to a country concert where people actually wore cowboy boots. If I had known, I would totally have worn mine!


The day after attending this concert, I read an article about Miranda Lambert dating Evan Felker from the band Turnpike Troubadours, one of her opening acts. The article stated that Felker ghosted his wife in February and sent over divorce papers because of his growing interest in Miranda. Now, I have my opinions on this situation but I refuse to allow it to taint the superb experience I had the night before.

The Bandwagon Tour show opened with Tenille Townes , Turnpike Troubadours, & truly began with a full set by Little Big Down.


Their voices melded together with perfect synchronicity and their appearance reminded me of old school performers. The outfits, one in a sparkly jump-suit, the other in a sweat-pant suit, and another looking as if they’re in a pajama shirt seemed to work well together. Their set wasn’t about the outfits or the dance moves or even the vocal showcasing… it was about sharing songs the audience knew and loved. Like any show, the crowd sang along to each song with full heart and appreciation. And Little Big Town clearly enjoyed performing each song.

Between each set there was a ‘Bandwagon Playlist’. The speakers boomed with familiar classics by Michael Jackson, Creedance Clearwater Revival, and Merl Haggard – among others.

Now there was no big showy entrance for Miranda Lambert. She came in through the middle of the stage, opened a bottle of water, took a sip all while the audience cheered for her before approaching the microphone.

This struck me as a surprise. I always thought Miranda Lambert was one of the glamourous country music stars, using her music as snubs towards Blake Shelton and having no regrets in life.


I was wrong. At least about the snubs and the glamor. She was undeniably beautiful physically and internally. Her set was memorable through her obvious passion for the words and music she shared. You could tell she needed it to cope just as much as we did, she even made the point during a small speech thanking us for her support and explaining how the music helps her.

It was a very personalized experience. And then it hit me. What makes a great show, singer, artist, performer, whatever you want to call it, isn’t their ability to entertain. It’s their personal need to sing, to play the instrument and ultimately share it with other people. You can tell the difference between an artist who is singing for the audience, versus the artist singing for themselves. And the artist singing for themselves is the one we can most relate too, the one that seems most human, real, and reachable. That’s what makes them great!

I loved realizing that THE Miranda Lambert was just a human, living through the ups and downs, making good and bad decisions, going with the flow and being okay with it!

The show concluded with Little Big Town, Pistol Annies (Miranda’s girl group with Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe, who performed together in the middle of Miranda’s set), as well as the opening acts – they sang collectively without seeming cheesy. It was a great community experience.


Now let me tell you something. I’ve never been the biggest Miranda Lambert or Little Big Town fan. The only reason I even went to the show was because I had free tickets, courtesy of my awesome job promoting shows at a nearby venue. But I was very pleased with my experience, and I recommend to anyone even just thinking about attending this show because Miranda’s a big name. Go! You won’t be disappointed one bit! I hopped on the bandwagon, will you?


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