4 Things To STOP Doing Right Now!

Do you ever struggle to fulfill yourself because you’re so worried about what people will think or if it’ll inconvenience them?

Well, guess what?!

Their happiness is NOT your responsibility.

Your happiness IS.

It’s okay to say no to people if it means putting your needs first.

But how can we create happiness in our lives without relying on others?

4 Things To STOP Doing Right Now!

  1. Quit that job you hate

Nothing is as debilitating as a job that you dread waking up to go to every day. You feel drained, stuck, and unhappy. If you can’t financially quit, download the Indeed app, upload your resume and have a cover letter template ready. Then when you have a spare moment you can browse and apply to the jobs that interest you.

I made the decision recently to quit a job that didn’t serve my mental and physical wellbeing. It has changed my life and opened me up to new opportunities!

  1. End that draining relationship

This one is hard. By the time we realize that our relationship is draining and potentially abusive, we’re past the point of “damage” and feel we can’t escape. Think about how you truly feel in your relationship without making excuses for the other person. Remember, if you’re more stressed than happy, the relationship is probably more of a burden than an enjoyment. Talk to friends and family and do what you need to do to put that happiness first. Because guess what? You CANNOT make the other person happy, that is not your responsibility.

  1. Cut off those friendships that don’t build you up!

I’ve struggled with feeling okay with this for a while. Some of the people I was closest with for many years seemed to take all my energy and I’d dread seeing them because I knew exactly how every meeting went. I took the same steps as if I were ending a relationship (see above). I acknowledged that certain friendships held me back and bogged me down. I didn’t feel like my best self with them. And that’s okay. I felt guilty for a long time, but I don’t have to live how they’d want me to live just to appease them. That’s not friendship.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

This is way easier said than done, I KNOW! I used to enjoy curling up in a blanket and scrolling through social media just to envy people. I saved all the pictures I loved the best. It took me a very long time to get out of the habit and it’s still a struggle. How did I do it? I surrounded myself with loving and positive people. I did a social media clean out and unfollowed all the people that “made me feel bad about myself”, and I put my health first (fitness and food for wellness, not for appearance.)

What is something that you can actively stop doing today??

Stay tuned for part 2!


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