5 Things to Start Doing Right Now

Ever feel stuck on how to move forward, find balance, and create boundaries. Here are my top 5 ways with how to set boundaries and create what happiness is to you:

  • Do what you loves

If you know what you love to do, great! Now go do it!

If you don’t know, you have all the time in the world to experiment. Try new things!

  • Create a playlist of feel-good songs

Music is obviously one of my biggest passions so when I listen to lyrics, they usually invoke a strong feeling within me. Make a playlist of songs that make you feel good. Or even better, do what I do! Create all different playlists based on emotions. I have ones such as “Positive”, “Empower”, “Rock Out”, “Sing-Alongs”. The options are endless!

  • Fitness and healthy eating a priority

This is probably one of the most difficult habits for me to form. I like to be lazy and watch Netflix with a bowl of popcorn. However, I know that being active will help my Fibromyalgia, Chiari Malformation, and mental health. I also know that food is fuel, and the better I eat, the better I’ll feel! It doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge or enjoy bad foods, it means that you put your focus on your health and make it a priority to portion everything out.

  • Do something new

Just as I’ve said before, quitting my job has changed my life and opened me up to new opportunities. One of these opportunities is fitness and mental health coaching, which has changed my life in a few ways! It’s easier to maintain my exercise and diet routine, and I have the ability to share inspirations and support to so many other people!

That’s just me though. You can do whatever you want. Take up a hobby, try a sport, get to that pile of books you’ve been wanting to read, or maybe start a blog. Expressing yourself in the way you’re most passionate about can be new and exciting, as well as motivating!

  • Make your bed every day

This one sounds a little weird but if you make your bed every single day, I promise your brain will be more organized and you’ll feel you can take on anything during the day! Don’t ask questions, just do it.


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