Love Your Neighbor

Dear Christians,

I’m going to start out by saying that most of you are missing the point when it comes to the direct words of Jesus and loving one another. I know, I’m already unpopular with you. Hear me out.

Last month was Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community. How did Christians respond?

  • ‘Make America Straight Again’ campaign
  • A Lesbian couple was attacked and beaten up
  • A bishop stated that Homosexuals are harmful to children.
  • The Rainbow Flag is described as offensive to Christians.
  • Christians deliberately vandalized a Pride Display outside of a Church trying to promote unity and love in God.
  • A St. Louis man promised to kill every gay person he could find during a pride parade
  • A Detroit man murdered 3 people who identified themselves as LGBT
  • DC pride parade participants feared for their lives because of false reports of gunshots

Do you agree with the things these people did or how they promoted their beliefs? Because God hates gays, right?


“But we must give the Bible to others and teach the world. I’m not homophobic, I’m speaking the truth.”

False, again.

“This is the great commission; I will share the good news! They are sinners in the hands of an angry God. I must save them.”

Again… False.


I’d like to take this into a different direction now, Protestant vs. Catholic.

Do you believe in faith AND works?

Or, do you believe in sole justification by faith?


I bet your Christian morals give you a desire to correct these faith groups, whichever side you fall on.

You might feel the need to “educate” them, to list out their sins, in an effort to convert them to the truth – the “right” truth.


And here, another direction, Pro Life vs. Pro Choice.


“How dare they murder an innocent child. They are evil!”

“How dare they try to control what I do with my body. They are evil!”


What pattern do you see in all of these scenarios?

Do you feel conflict in your heart? Like you need to argue for the “right”option?

The pattern I see is pure judgement. Pure hatred justified by an interpretation of words.


Oh, dear Christian soul, you are missing the very point.

There are two GREAT commandments. The first is to love God with all your heart, soul and mind.

The second GREAT commandment is the one I want to bring your attention to.


This commandment “does not have an exception clause for… any… “neighbor” we might find it hard to relate to… we have to love people as Jesus does. (With love that has no limits and makes no compromises).”

To love your neighbor means you must love the man who is attracted to men, you must love the protestant or the catholic, you must love that woman who had that abortion.

That is God’s Command.

Are you loving your neighbor? Are you TRULY loving them?

Talk to God and ask Him to reveal the exceptions you’re making in your heart.


Are you fighting a gay vs. straight war?

Or are you loving your neighbor without condition?

Are you fighting a denominational war?

Or are you loving your neighbor despite your differences?

Are you fighting a Pro-Choice or Pro-Life war?

Or are you loving your neighbor even when they make a decision you cannot fathom?

“Some Christians have used the Bible as a weapon to bludgeon those who disagree.” I beg each of you to stop using Bible verses as an excuse to justify spreading hatred.

Love God.

Love Yourself.

Love Your Neighbor.


Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are taken from the book ‘Messy Grace’ by Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach


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