What is the Greatest Story Never Told?

People like triumph stories, but nobody wants to hear what it took to get there; the greatest story never told without actually telling it.

Example: “I overcame addiction and now I live my best life.” “I used to be obsessed with eating and I worked hard to get it under control.” “I used to settle for less. I’ve come a long way since then.”

They’re all great triumphs but a summary doesn’t reveal what went into it.

People want the cliff notes version of setbacks that lead to the triumph. If it’s short and simple, it looks easier to replicate. People want a neat little package. 

But it isn’t neat. The road to triumph is a complete mess.

The road to triumph doesn’t look like much on the outside. It’s holding tight to tiny pieces of hope and pretending to be strong when the unseen efforts feel pointless.

When you do look back, it somehow makes sense that those pieces came together.

But your triumph is NOT a neat little package. You can’t summarize a complete mess. 🙂

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