Channel Your True Beauty

Before I dive into today’s topic! I have a question for you. Who is a person whom you perceive as beautiful and why? Comment below!

If you have time in your life to read 153 pages on how true beauty is anything but external, I’d highly recommend you pick up a copy of Leah Darrow’s ‘The Other Side of Beauty’.

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Leah is a former contestant of America’s Next Top Model and shares astoundingly relatable stories about wanting to be loved, losing her virginity in order to maintain the love from a less-than-worthy guy, and struggling with a beauty industry that doles out temporary confidence in toxic bottles, in exchange for your hard-earned money.


I personally chose this book because body image seems to be a constant struggle for women in the 21st century; how can I transform my own life? How can I approach this topic with others? I also have been listening to Leah’s “Do Something Beautiful” podcast. It is mainly written with God and Christianity in mind, though I believe this book is full of truly invaluable material for everyone willing to read with an open mind. Not just for those aligned with Christian values.


You’ll find surprising statistics on the beauty industry and the mental health of young women. Before reading, I knew all about the harmful effects of the beauty industry, but not like this:

You’ll learn which neuro-toxins are found in the products you use EVERY DAY, and how they are harming you.

But most importantly you’ll get a new perspective on beauty as being completely internal, as well as how finding and accepting your true inner beauty will bring you a fulfillment that the beauty industry can never sell you – no matter how much money you spend on products.


The pleasures of this world are temporary and oftentimes very hurtful. Us females spend absorbent amounts of time envying the likes of other women we deem as more desirable than ourselves. We spend money on makeup and clothes thinking that it will enhance our physical image and therefore will make us more lovable. And at the same time, we scroll through the internet looking for quotes, photos, and other inspiration about how we are good enough without all of that.

Our culture is comprised of sexualizing females, desiring a man to be infatuated with us, and putting much of our value solely on our exterior. But that is not the beauty that matters.


Remember that question I asked earlier? Take a moment to think of that beautiful person you mentioned in the comments. Do they match these beautiful inner qualities? Do you now consider them to be truly beautiful?

If you do, great! I’m excited about that!

If not, that’s okay. Transforming your mindset to accept this new definition of “beauty” is difficult considering it seems to go against everything we’ve grown up with and are surrounded by.

Once you begin to look at beauty in this way, you’ll start to see qualities within yourself which are beautiful too! If you’re like me, then you’ll probably try to reject them, telling yourself that others are still more beautiful than you and that you don’t deserve that kind of beauty.

It might take time for you to realize this truth, BUT YOU DO!

The great thing about TRUE BEAUTY and TRUE LOVE is that it never goes out of style and there’s plenty of it to go around in order to touch everybody. EVEN YOU!!

You were born with God-given beauty and you still have it within you. Use those wonderful qualities to do something beautiful today and every day. Share that beauty with everyone around you. It will transform your life and transform the lives around you, giving you an honest and pure fulfillment

It will be a challenge. There is no denying that. But don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, forgive yourself, love yourself, and take your time.

As a short activity to get this ball rolling for you, pull out your iPhone or Android notes page, or a notebook, or a word document, or even just in your mind. List out five truly beautiful qualities you think you have. For the next five days, pick one and try to radiate that quality for the day. Focus on it. Feel it within you – that probably sounds weird – but I want you to ingrain that beautiful quality, whatever it may be, into your mind.

So, when someone asks you, “what makes you beautiful?” You will immediately respond with these unique, inner beauty qualities.



Buy ‘The Other Side of beauty’ on Amazon.

More on Leah Darrow.

3 Replies to “Channel Your True Beauty”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Grace Kelly, Colleen Dewhurst, Jessica Biel. It won’t let me add photos. You’ll have to Google. 🙂


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