Hi friends!

My name is Melissa (AKA Madelyne), I’m 23 years old and working near Boston as a Promotions Manager in the Music Industry. I’ve graduated from Berklee College of Music and have gone on to study Creative Writing for my MA at Oxford University and Dartmouth College.

I’ve always been creative. I love sharing content, writing songs, singing, and am currently working on a YA Fantasy novel for my Master’s Thesis!

The Problem?

I’ve been holding myself back from my true passions, telling myself that I need to be realistic and get a “real job” because that’s the only way the bills can be paid, I’ll just do it all on the side – but that never seems to happen. Squashing my own life goals has been a huge factor in my fluctuating self-confidence. My body is physically being drawn to my innermost hopes and dreams, and I’m doing everything I can to suppress it.

I’ve been diagnosed with a bulk of mental and physical health conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Trich, BDD, Fibromyalgia, a Chiari Malformation, Endomitriosis, and Chronic Fatigue and Migraines. Though I suffer from these ailments, I’m often the person that people come to for a “pep talk” or simply for a listening ear. I’ve become very passionate about helping others cope with stress and low self-esteem (something I’ve become very experienced with) through arts, physical wellness, and faith – which you’ll find in this BLOG!

I’m currently learning where I fit in the world with this creativity and enthusiasm for helping others see and feel their best! Sometimes it’s a challenge, but it’s oh so rewarding!


Finding a resource full of life tips, inspirational content, and a supportive community all in one place has been a challenge for me. So I figured, why not create my own?! Welcome to Tribe UMLIMITED, the resource and community made for someone like YOU!

This Wellness & Personal Development blog is full of heartening essentials, encouraging positive self-esteem and confidence from within through physical wellness, faith, and arts – such as books, music, quotes, etc.

Connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or right here on HeyMadelyne.com.

Let’s get acquainted and progress together!