Meet Melissa


The Christian life can be full of twists and turns. For me, it’s been a crazy ride that’s far from over. I grew up Catholic, became an atheist, then an agnostic, slowly became more spiritual with the world, and now I’m rediscovering my Christian roots and beliefs through Bible study and Baptist/Catholic rituals. My timeline goes a little something like this:

1-10 yrs old:

Full of faith but also questions, answered with only “that’s just the way it is.”


Years of daily prayers begging for relief from harassment and family illnesses, including the start of my chronic anxiety and depression. Was God listening? Does he care? Does God Exist?


Many moments spent questioning the existence and goodness of God, ultimately resulting in a complete rejection of His existence.


I FELT something more at work in the world – a higher power perhaps? – leading me to agnosticism. Was there a being that could think, hear me, understand me? Or just the pattern of how the world functions?


After an abusive relationship that made God’s nonexistence very real for me, I stumbled upon a man who has sparked a new interest in finding my faith, redefining how I look at God and His word.


So, here I am now…

I cannot say that I am a Catholic or a Baptist or any other type of denomination. I am a Christian, but also a skeptic. I understand nonbelievers, and because of that, I am hungry for answers to hard questions. I cannot and will not accept “because that’s just the way it is.” To me, history, science, and the Bible go hand in hand.

I will not say that I am strong in my faith, as many years of atheism and agnosticism will do that to you. But I am hugely hoping that my Q & A search will end with a complete and undeniable faith, trust, and BELIEF in God.

Do you want to have MORE faith but are unable to find it? Do you have faith and want to HELP others DISCOVER theirs? Are you a little bit of BOTH like me?

Join me in better understanding God and the Bible. We CAN’T afford to be wrong!

– MB