Let’s be honest, giving yourself “me time” is probably the last thing on your to-do list.

Or maybe, you suffer from a chronic illness like me, and you’re living the identity of “I’m too broken.”

Or you have a mental health issue (also like me), and the idea of a self-care routine seems utterly daunting.

Either way, I want you to know something. You DESERVE to put you first. You NEED to take care of yourself. And you know what? When you do give yourself that “me time”, you’re life will get easier. You’ll be happier. Your symptoms will become simpler to handle. And your mental state will become manageable – and HOPEFUL.

That probably sounds too good to be true, right?. That’s what I thought too. I’ve spent countless hours trying different Pinterest workouts, different protein powders, different machines at the gym, diets, motivational quotes, TedTalks – all to just become one of those on-again-off-again wellness relationships.

Then I stumbled upon the GREATEST, SIMPLEST habits that changed my life within a matter of weeks. No, seriously!

What is it?!

Okay, now that you know there’s a solution, you’re definitely wondering what it is. Are you ready for this? Okay, here’s 3 simple habits that changed my life:

  • Personal Development (Books & Podcasts)
  • A super nutritious Superfood Protein Shake (yes, a working one!)
  • Workout programs (that keep it interesting & work with chronic illness and mental health limitations)

Okay, so what? You said you’ve tried these things and they didn’t work. Yeah, by themselves. But together, plus:

  • A supportive community of like-minded people
  • 1:1 guidance – a mentor

THAT is what made everything tick. All of those things together.

So where can you find all of that in one place?

Right here! In this Online Wellness workshop. Work at your pace to give yourself the life you deserve! But trust me, it won’t be long before you start seeing results.

What you’ll get with this workshop:

  • 1 yr access to ALL exercise programs (800+)
  • 1 yr access to ALL new workshop groups
  • 30-day supply of the Superfood Protein Powder
  • Private access to the Tribe UNLIMITED Facebook page
  • Real discussions on recommended personal development books & podcasts!
  • 24/7 access to 1:1 and group support

You don’t have to do this alone. Begin your wellness journey NOW. Give yourself the gift of “me time” that you need to bring your life to the next level!